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From start to sterilization in just six minutes 

STATIM is certified by the U.S. FDA for its a unique cassette method and recognized by many university hospitals and institutions around the world for its performance and technology. The vacuum sterilizer pushes high-pressure steam into the cassette through a vacuum pump for disinfection. It has a high market share in the U.S. (40%) and Canada (80%) and is widely used in ophthalmic clinics in Korea requiring precise surgery. Furthermore, as it is fully automatic, anyone can easily use the sterilizer by simply operating the keypad.

STATIM which conforms to international sterilization standard (134-138°C for 3 minutes) adopts a high-pressure steam sterilization. A conventional autoclave has more than 50% of air left in a chamber after sterilization, but the STATIM sterilizes after removing air up to 98%. This can minimize biggest causes of corrosion such as over temperature and humidity and lengthen the life of instruments and handpieces by reducing damages.


STATIM maintains a complete disinfection temperature and accurately self diagnoses by P, C, and B so that no heat is generated around the body.

Easy to use

The size of the sterilizer itself is not large to take up space at the time of installation, and anyone can easily operate it by simply using the keypad of four fully automated sterilization programs (statim 5000). In particular. In particular, the built-in microprocessor maintains optimal sterilization conditions by fully controlling the beginning and end of disinfection process.

Economical efficiency 

The world's shortest sterilization time of STATIM 2000 (6 minutes) and STATIM 5000 (9 minutes) can minimize power consumption and reduce amount of distilled water. In addition, purchasing additional cassette can have an efficiency equivalent to using two to three sterilizers.

  • Must-have product selected by U.S. Dental Management Support Company
  • Four times longer handpiece life compared to regular sterilizers (German Kavo’s own study)
  • Fastest and most biologically accurate sterilization in the world (100%)
  • Largest market share in the ophthalmologic industry in Korea