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Dust Collector

Leading Dental Industry Prime Dental


  • Size 218(W)*230(H)*276(D)
  • flexible hose 50φ, max 500mm
  • DC Adapter 19V/4.7A, 95W
  • Sensor Apply IR sensor
  • Battery capacity 4S/1P(Li-ion)2900mA 43W
  • Filter PM 2.5
  • Charging time 3 hour
  • LED (Indicator) 5,500K
  • FAN wind pressure 1,280Pa
  • Botton Touch sensor
  • Voltage AC100~240v, 50~60Hz
  • Output DC 12V
  • LED Lamp close to sun light at 5,500K

    With a near natural light LED lamp of 5,500K, there is little eye strain even when used for long periods of time.

  • IR sensor prevents Cross infection

    The use of the Human Body Detection Sensor (IR) reduces button touch and is excellent for preventing cross-infection.

  • Easy to detach with a magnet flexible hose (Max 500mm)

    A magnet provides easy removal and a maximum length of 500mm increases the bag capacity.

  • Apply ultra finedust filter PM 2.5

    We applied PM 2.5 filter to remove 99% of ultra fine dust.