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STERILEX (Waterline Cleaning System)

Dental Unit Water Safe Water

Product Set

Sterilex X Liquid Ultra 1+2 set X 10 sets

About Product

Sterilex Liquid Ultra helps prevent and remove biofilms from the waterlines of the unit chairs at dental clinics and is the world's first and only US EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)-certified waterline cleaning and disinfection solution. The product kills bacteria to maintain its sterile state for 48 hours, and is managed per 100cfu/ml of drinking water.

How to Use

Turn off the drain valve and put Sterilex X Liquid Ultra #1 and #2 to the waterline washing water tank. Open the drain valve 24 hours later and drain the residue of the biofilms removed by Sterilex X Liquid Ultra. No need to mix it with water. Treat patients with confidence using 48-hour sterile water.

  • Applicable to all waterlines of unit chairs