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Suction Tip Set

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PD-Surgical Suction Tip Set

Products and Types

Tube 1.6m x 1, Catheter x 1, Adapter x 1
Types of Catheter : Three types (10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr; Based on catheter diameter)

About Product

Tube suction catheter set used for surgical operations

Precautions on Use

  • 1 Check the cleanliness and sterility of the product before use and use it for its intended use only.
  • 2 Put the product in clean non corrosive water after use to clean it.
  • 3 When disinfecting the autoclave, do not open the door until steam evaporates (Otherwise, it may be discolored to make stains).
  • 4 Autoclave shall be used with distilled water only.
  • 5 As the silicone hose can contact the inside of the autoclave, please be sure to wrap it using vinyl or surgical wrap for disinfection.