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Your solution for dust collection. Advanced steel-type mobile dust collector.

Product Specifications

  • Model Name RALLY
  • Model Number NV508
  • Dimensions 350(W)X415(D)X1250(H)mm
  • Dimensions Head 350(W)X415(D)x270(H)mm
  • Body Painted using powder heat treatment and made of 100% metal, with the thickness ranging from 1.2 to 1.6T
  • Operating head Constructed of tempered glass doors
  • Lighting LED light 3W/DC12V 1.5A / Light temp.: 5,500 Kelvin / The lighting system can be used for over 40,000 hours.
  • Suction system Main power (220V, 230V/50, 60Hz, 840W 1~45 Liter/sec)
  • Filter system Dust net → Primary filter, Secondary filter
  • Micromotor 0~38,000RPM (Carbon brush-type), Foot pedal, 4 castors included
  • Sunction force 1~50 Liter/sec, High output, Lowest possible noise, 220/50, 60Hz, Filtering
  • Retractable tempered glass lid
  • Foldable motor footplate
  • Seven dust-collection levels

Product Features

  • · Retractable tempered glass lid
  • · Foldable motor footplate
  • · Conveniently movable dust collector
  • · Operated by Saeyang motors that provide RPM control and reverse functions
  • · Seven dust-collection levels
  • · Equipped with three bright and durable LED light bulbs